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Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Mon Mar 6 21:07:29 EST 2000

#if Sriram-HO
> I have a 2 MB pipe from the ISP. Now I want to allocate this bandwidth to
> some of my other locations. I should be able to say location a be given 64
> K, location b 25 k and so on using the bandwidth managment software. Typical
> example is Floodgate.

Well looking at the Linux kernel config...


When the kernel has several packets to send out over the network
devices, it has to make a decision which one to send first. This is
especially important if some of the network devices are real time
devices that need a certain minimum data flow rate. There are
several different algorithms for how to do this "fairly"; they are
called packet schedulers. If you want to stick to the default
scheduling algorithm, say N here. If you want to experiment with a
couple of different algorithms, say Y. You can then attach different
schedulers to different network devices. Currently, this is only
recommended for experts.

To administer these schedulers, you'll need the user-level utilities
from the package iproute2+tc at ftp://ftp.inr.ac.ru/ip-routing/


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