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Hey All,
  It's always good to keep a spare of the mbr around. Kinda like inode are
every 4096. Any how, my recommendation is this:
dd if=/dev/hd(?) of=/dev/fd(?) bs=1024
The hd(?) is your hard drive, it cannot be a partition number it must be
the letter ie -> /dev/hda to grab from the start of the drive. and the
/dev/fd(?) is your floppy. Usually /dev/fd0. Now you get into a bind
accidently blow away the mbr, before throwing your monitor out the window,
Thank God they're cheap, do this:
This is to restore the mbr.
dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/dev/hda bs=1024
This will restore the mbr that you saved on the floppy.
Please look this over carefully for any typos.

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On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Laurel Fan wrote:

> Speaking of mbr's and debian, debian comes with a pretty nice mbr (not
> lilo), which can boot from any partition with a boot sector.  So if you
> mess up lilo somehow on a >1-boot system, you can boot to another os and
> try to fix stuff (or make a rescue floppy. yes, I know.  I had one, but
> I hadn't used it in months and the floppy itself apparently went bad.). 
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