[techtalk] Dual Boot

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Mon Mar 6 01:05:36 EST 2000

I believe, even in this case, you can run liloconfig
(/usr/sbin/liloconfig here) to overwrite the MBR at any time after linux
is installed (unless liloconfig doesn't "come" with mandrake, but I
believe it's 'standard' within a distributed version of lilo). It does
the same thing lilo does on first install (asks you "Install a boot
block using your current LILO configuration?")... at least here in debian-ville.


"Nathan T. Lynch" wrote:
> It's probably better to do the Win2k install first, then Mandrake, so
> you can install LILO in the MBR.  LILO will be overwritten if you do the
> Win2k install second, I reckon.  (Unless w2k is nicer than its
> predecessors.)
> Nathan

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