[techtalk] Proggy for Linux that will create PDF files??

NicNacs nicnacs at canada.com
Sun Mar 5 14:55:14 EST 2000

On Fri, 03 March 2000, "Storm" wrote:
> I am looking for one of these.   I thought Framemaker,.. but it seems that
> it won't save in that format ( from what I heard, haven't had time to fight
> with it yet.)  
> Storm

I was looking to do that a couple weeks back but as a webbased solution -- tried framemaker (old beta copy) -- wasn't impressed. 
Two solutions: both python based. (which should be on your system already.)

Anyway -- since I'm using zope -- there is a zopepdf module which might be of interest. I wasn't going to change my html tp ps to pdf for a website that was going to get a lot of hits.

Python to PDF is also really nice. Reportlab might be helpful. Or just use py2pdf.py -- it'll be on the python homepage....search for it.

Just in case going to ps then to pdf is just too much hassle.



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