[techtalk] ScanMail Message: To Sender, sensitive content found and action t aken. (fwd)

Andrew Plumb andrew at plumb.org
Sat Mar 4 12:15:37 EST 2000

No, that wouldn't be it...  I sent it from my @Home connected machine;
plumb.org is my own domain, so I know no such filters are in place.

I'm guessing it's a filter at someone else's site...  Ah well, no worries;
the message I sent that triggered the message got through without any

...It could have to do with the downtime experienced by my domain host at
about the time I sent the message.  Not being able to authenticate my
andrew at plumb.org address might have done the trick.

Live and learn. :-) Thanks for the replies!


On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, John Montgomery wrote:

> On Fri, 03 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> > Has anyone else received one of these messages before?
> > 
> > To: 'Andrew Plumb' <andrew at plumb.org>
> > Subject: ScanMail Message: To Sender,
> >      sensitive content found and action t aken.
> > 
> > Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content.
> > 
> --------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> It looks like your emplorer has one of those idiotic
> filters which scans mail for what some cretin has decided
> is an offensive term.
> My guess is that the term it objects to is linuxchix.
> Cheers
> John Montgomery
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