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Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Fri Mar 3 10:54:12 EST 2000

On Mar 3, Rik Hemsley conjectured:

> #if Simona Nass
> > Other than Excel, is there anything like it for UNIX? -S.
> Apparently Gnumeric is supposed to be like Excel. Funny, it
> doesn't seem anything like it to me. Perhaps I missed something,
> or perhaps it's just Gnome hype strikes again.

I tried gnumeric, but I didn't see *any* support for graphs/charts or
statistical analysis.  THose are the only two things I ever use Excel for.
(And I don't have excel, because my copy of win98 doesn't have the office
package.  Just M$"works", which is crap, too.  It doesn't do statistics.
It might do graphs, but I doubt it.)
Anyway, though, I needed to make a graph for a lab report, and I couldn't
decipher gnuplot, so I used appleworks on the iBook.  After much arguing,
I got it to graph what I wanted.  THen I had to have Ben convert it to eps
on his G3... it was a pain.
Does anyone know how to use gnuplot?  Does gnumeric actually do graphing
and statistics?  Help, anyone...


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