[techtalk] IPCHAINS

Sean Garrett (MBD) df at crowdata.co.za
Fri Mar 3 12:20:22 EST 2000

Nancy Corbett wrote:
> I've worked with Squid in the past and it is pretty nifty.  Its primarily
> a caching software.  I believe you have to tweek the code to get it to
> filter.  The company I worked for used it for filtering and it 

the code doesnt need to be hack - squid.conf has acl's and there are a
number of well maintained lists similar to websense - i dont think they
as comprehensive thought. i know ipf ( under *BSD ) can redirect
requests on a certain port to another ip on another port - i dont rember
if ip chains can - would it not be a solution to redirect requests to
the linux 'proxy port' to the websense thingy or is that not an option ?


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