[techtalk] LILO problem

Michelle Leonard mll at inovis.com
Thu Mar 2 10:57:16 EST 2000

I am attempting to get a IDE CD burner to work - The system itself has
two SCSI hard drives (sda is win98, sdb RH6.1).  There is a ATAPI Zip
drive and Sony cd burner on the primary IDE.

According to various HowTo's, by enabeling the ide-scsi emmulation I
should see the IDE devices as scsi - this works for the Zip drive (Yay!
one down....)  but the burner still shows up as an ide device.  Delving
further into documentation and the techtalk archives, I see that I needt
o disable the ide for the burner so that the scsi driver can find
it....so I tried adding the line
to the /etc/lilo.conf file.  But when I try to run lilo to reconfigure
it, I get the following error
	geo_comp_addr: Cylinder number is too big (1649 > 1023)

The problem is, all that has changed as far as I can tell is the line I
added (system has been working fine, still boots to win98 or linux).

I'm not clear from the docs which file it's complaining about?  lilo has
to have run at some point (in the initial installation)...

what am I missing here?


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