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Sriram-HO sriramv at ho.hclcomnet.co.in
Thu Mar 2 14:52:26 EST 2000

Hey Harry

Where do I get mason? I would appreciate a response on this.


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>Hey Sriram,
>Plenty of HowTo's on ipchains., Packet filtering can be done thru them. I
>would suggest checking out mason if you're new to the ideas of
>firewalling. Mason automates the ipchains creation by listening to the
>traffic going thru you network. That is how I learned. Took my network
>down for 3 days, did traffic one port at a time and watched to see what
>rules were written. It was a great learning experience, albeit boring.
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>On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Sriram-HO wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Is there any detailed step by step document on IPCHAINS?
>> I want to implement ipmasq and do some kind of packet filtering.
>> Also is there any tool for Linux something like websense?
>> Cheers
>> Sriram
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