[techtalk] Thanks to all (Was: Missing "Taskbar" in KDE)

Storm stormbringr at geocities.com
Wed Mar 1 15:57:25 EST 2000

Everything seems fixed now, and I'm up and running.  Now I just have to get
my soundcard, NIC and modem working, and I'm off and running :)

Message for Rik:

Thank you as well!  I reinstalled Mandrake on one of my machines,.... just
to fix a whole mess of problems,... and noticed that I was asked to make a
boot disk, but no root disk.  I think therein lies my problem.  I have to
make one of those, or else I can't do any repairs. (all I get is "Kernel
Panic") I will be taking that on this week, between sanding and painting in
the house :)

Thanks Again everyone

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