[techtalk] Problem with LILO & booting

Storm stormbringr at geocities.com
Wed Mar 1 13:48:37 EST 2000

This will tell you a little about Fdisk /MBR ( "the command rewrites the
master boot record (MBR) only, and not the entire boot record. The FDISK
/MBR command rewrites only the first 446 bytes of the master boot record,
not the partition table." ) It might not help in this case.

And this is from the following article "Some dual-boot programs have a
special MBR that asks you at startup which operating system you want to use.
FDISK /MBR erases this program. Dual-boot systems that boot whichever
partition is marked Active are not affected by FDISK /MBR. "  I'm guessing
that LILO and Boot Magic are 2 of these "programs" (since both prompt and
both reside (by default) in the MBR

This one has info about NT and LILO:

And no, I'm not an M$ supporter,... just went looking for info on a M$
Command :)

For Snafblat:
    I am running a desktop at home right now, I use Boot Magic for the boot
manager, and I have NT4, Win 98 and Linux (Mandrake 7) on a "dual boot" (I
guess you can't really call it dual anymore can you?) The order that I
installed in was:  NT (in the first 2GIG of my drive), Win98 on the last 2
gig, and Linux actually resides on another drive.  I do run NT on FaT 16
though (it's a work mandate, not because I choose to. And I'm not sure how
good the Partition Magic Fat to NTFS conversion is. )


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