[techtalk] Problem with LILO & booting

Linda Walsh law at sgi.com
Wed Mar 1 10:44:17 EST 2000

You can also buy a program "Partition Magic" -- costly for the use, about
$70 bucks, but it can move the dos partition up by say 32Meg.  Then you
can put a /boot partition in that first 32 Meg and the rest of linux can
go anywhere you like.  The /boot partition can be as small as 2Meg, but
if you are like me, I usually have more than one bootable kernel on the
boot partition (a good idea if you are testing and doing kernel builds).

Also, for free in the Partition Magic prog, is a "Boot Magic", which can
handle boot choices between Linux, DOS, NT, etc...

I know it is possible just to use lilo to dual boot DOS, but when I
tried it, it just complained, so I went with boot magic (as I'd already
bought partition magic to shrink down my DOS partition).  Yes -- you
can change the sizes of both DOS and linux partitions w/o losing data.
I used this first to make room for linux on my laptop, then later to
shrink my one big linux partition down into separate partitions for /var,
/tmp, / and /home (/boot was already separate and at before the DOS
partition -- which had to get moved up).  Wonderful program but costly
for the amount of use you'll get out of it.


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Jeff Dike wrote:
> > In any case, I can't boot Linux without the boot disk, and when I do,
> > "starting linux" it takes about 10 minutes for all the dots to go
> > across the screen.  Any hints on how to speed up my boot?
> Boot off something other than a floppy.  Zips can be made bootable, I think.
> > Or on how
> > to boot without the disk?  (Other than delete the 4 gigs of mp3's off
> > my windows partition and move the linux partition closer to the top
> > ;p)
> Plug in another disk.  Find an el-cheapo 100M or something and boot off it.
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