[techtalk] Problem with LILO & booting

Robert A. Newman as919 at rgfn.epcc.edu
Wed Mar 1 10:56:19 EST 2000

Hi folks

My first post here, but I've been following you for a couple of 
months now.  I only just got my first Linux box running, +/-,
had the "above 1024th cylinder" problem, tried to fix it by
re-installing lilo in mbr, then I Really had a problem, couldn't
boot Windoze, finally held my breath and ran "lilo -u /dev/hda1",
one of the three major fixes I had read about, it worked, so
now I boot off a floppy.

However, after I'm asked to choose what to boot by lilo (the one
on the floppy, or the one still on /hda3?  Who knows?), it says
"booting from /hda3" or something real similar, but definitely hda3,
where my root directory is, and it does *not* take all that long
for the whole boot process.  It could be faster?

After reconfiguring lilo from hda3 to hda1, I didn't get any 
numbers, just "Li ", which I understand is symptomatic of the
1024 problem, so I'm guessing it would have boot to dos if it could
have gotten past that point.  Booting from floppy, if I try to choose
dos, it says that's not an option, when I press tab for options, it 
lists dos.  Oh well.

I'm real, real new at this.

-Bob Newman

>I had the same problem trying to install linux on an external
>drive on a PC running NT when I tried to install for a dual boot
>with lilo -- the 01 01 screen was a result of overwriting my
>master boot record.  I don't recall the exact fix (the first time
>I reinstalled NT) but I believe that you can boot DOS from a floppy
>and then run fdisk -- unfortunately I can't remember the
>correct parameters and I can't find my notes but it may have
>been something link /mbr
>This rewrites the master boot record -- then you must reinstall
>lilo to do the dual boot.   With an external SCSI drive for my
>linux I have given up trying the dual boot root and boot from
>a floppy -- what a drag.
>Hope this helps,
>sb at pstat.

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