[techtalk] Problem with LILO & booting

Andrew Plumb andrew at plumb.org
Wed Mar 1 13:00:13 EST 2000

Also check around the website of your hard-drive manufacturer.

When I moved my Western Digital drive from slave (/dev/hdb) to master
(/dev/hda) I was getting the same "L 01 01 01..." when attempting to boot.  
They had a simple DOS utility that, when run, created a special
boot-floppy to (re)create the MBR.

As soon as I did that, I was able to boot off an HD again instead of using
that CDROM kludge I posted earlier.


On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Shirrell wrote:
> I had the same problem trying to install linux on an external
> drive on a PC running NT when I tried to install for a dual boot
> with lilo -- the 01 01 screen was a result of overwriting my
> master boot record.  I don't recall the exact fix (the first time
> I reinstalled NT) but I believe that you can boot DOS from a floppy
> and then run fdisk -- unfortunately I can't remember the
> correct parameters and I can't find my notes but it may have
> been something link /mbr
> This rewrites the master boot record -- then you must reinstall
> lilo to do the dual boot.   With an external SCSI drive for my
> linux I have given up trying the dual boot root and boot from
> a floppy -- what a drag.
> Hope this helps,
> Shirrell
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