[techtalk] viewer for doc/excel

Sean Garrett (MBD) df at crowdata.co.za
Wed Mar 1 13:54:22 EST 2000

abs is a smaller util than staroffice ( SO is a memory hog ) it can open
excel docs and has a macro language thats compatible with vba. i dont
use it tho it seems to be the lightest out there ( KSpread being still
in dev and Gnumeric having given me odd little things occationally) i
dont use it because i have no need for a spread sheet - if i'm not
mistaken i think you can tell netscape to associate the mime type for
excel docs to abs

url for abs -- http://www.ping.be/bertin/abs.shtml or your local
freshmeat or linuxberg mirror 

i havnt checked freshmeat to see what its got on linuxberg 

there is an msword to html converter as well called mswordview its cli
based so it might be possible to open the mime type with a perl script
or some such and then open the .html file created

(ps i havnt done any of this so if someone knows more about NS and mime
types feel free to correct me - i'm just playing with ideas here ) 


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