[techtalk] Dual-boot Win2K and Linux

Tania Morell Tania-Maria at rocketmail.com
Mon Jan 31 15:29:15 EST 2000

--- J B <griffin2020 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Does anybody have any experienece dual-booting
> Windows 2000 and Linux?  I 
> have read there are some difficulties, but not been
> able to find any more 
> info than that.
> Am looking for difficulties, experiences, advice,
> etc....

I've been struggling with this myself these past few
weeks.  In fact, I spent the whole weekend trying to
install  win3.1/dos and linux on my 486 and get System
Commander to boot both.  It'll boot windows but not
linux.  I know that it's doable though because I've
done it before on that machine.
It was difficult to figure out, though... I should
have written down the procedures many moons ago.
There is one sure way of doing this, however.
Install win2000 first, then linux second and configure
lilo to boot win2000.

Then, when you boot your machine..  you should get the
"lilo:" prompt and then you can key in the os you want

Hope this helps.

-Tania M.


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