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Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Mon Jan 31 00:24:04 EST 2000

On 30 Jan 2000, Kelly Kirby wrote:

> I really need help with setting up web+ on
> my computer. I have apache running, and 
> web + is loaded..but, I have no clue about
> the webplus.exe in the cgi-bin. It keeps telling
> me that it isn't running.
> Explanation: I want to learn about developing
> e-commerce type sites and this looked like
> it would do it. Webplus has a free version for Linux
> and I downloaded it.

I'd suggest using PHP (http://www.php.net). It's really easy to start with
and works like a charm here. And least, but not least, it is free (as in

It works by inserting commands directly into the HTML code, á la:

This is some html code.<br>
And this: <? print ($a + $b); ?> is something generated dynamically with

Of course, for e-commerce you would do some database queries (and the
like) in the "<? ... ?>"-part(s).

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