[techtalk] have you seen this program?

Phil V Savoie Phil.Savoie at learnix.ca
Sun Jan 30 15:30:26 EST 2000

Hi Laurel,

Have you tried rpmfind.net?  Just my $0.02


At 14:09 30/01/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm looking for a program that I saw 2 years ago or so.  It's basically
>a utility that can act as a tcp or udp client or server, which is useful
>when writing and debugging such programs.  Better than using telnet,
>since telnet can't do udp or debug a client.
>I saw it running on Solaris, and my guess is that it's free software,
>but I'm not sure.  I looked for it on freshmeat and didn't find
>anything, but I don't know what to search for except for 'socket' or
>'network', and I might have missed something while hitting space 50
>times to page through the results.
>Speaking of freshmeat, while doing this I've been thinking how it would
>be nice if the appindex categories were actually keywords.  Because
>sometimes I don't care if something's X11 or Console, I just need
>something to do X (but I don't want anything KDE or Web, for example). 
>Another thing is programs that fall into multiple categories, such as a
>program that has both X and command line modes, or a mail and news
>reader.  It shouldn't be terribly hard to do this, since it's all PHP'd
>and SQL'd already.  Of course, they'll have to write new code for the
>search and stuff.  Too bad freshmeat isn't GPL.  Actually, what I'm
>thinking about is sort of like the multiple browse and search views at
>happypenguin.org.. hm...
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