[techtalk] PPPoE troubles

aprilk aprilk at linuxstart.com
Fri Jan 28 19:03:53 EST 2000

Darren Osadchuk <osadchuk at pangea.ca> wrote:
>I'm trying to get Linux to talk to my ADSL service. After quite a few
>unsuccessful attempts with DHCP, I did a bit more poking around, and it
>turns out that PPPoE is the way to go. 

Ok, I must ask this, as I also have ADSL: Why do you have to use PPPoE? I use straight ethernet connection and it works wonderfully for three comptuers. Now unless the ISP has the DSL routers set to PPP bridging mode (don't know why they would do that, tho) there shouldn't be a need for this.

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