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Sande Francis sandeleh at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 28 11:35:02 EST 2000

hi, y'all.

i'm new here so i thought i'd post an intro.  i've been in computers since
about 1978 when i ran a burroughs mini for the accounting firm.  when i left
that firm PCs were just starting to appear.  i worked as support and
installation for monroe business systems (cpm/proprietary OS) and then we
got into cpm86. when the computer division of monroe folded 286s were the
hot thing.  i ran a bbs and used concurrent dos and dr dos and desqview.
then i discovered os/2 at the 2.0 beta stage.  stayed with os/2 until just
recently. i run windows at several clients' so have to be conversant.  cant
get anyone interested in os/2 anymore (i used to lead the os/2 users group
here in fresno) so i'm moving over to linux.  i have it installed and my
email running. :)  first things first, eh?  i bought the mandrake dist 6.5
at costco, installed it and took off from there.  i'm finding the apps a bit
rough around the edges but its still early days.

i dont have any unix/mainframe experience so all this is a bit new to me.

Sande Francis
Fresno, CA, USA
come see my socks (and other stuff) at:

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> On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Jamie Walker wrote:
> > Something I've always wondered about LinuxPPC et al - how do they handle
> > the single button mice in X11 which ideally wants three?
> you emulate the other two buttons with a modifyer on the keyboard (don't
> remember which keys, but something like:
> button 1 = button 1
> button 2 = PageUp + button 1
> button 3 = Insert + button 1
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