[techtalk] A favour? (off topic, but forgive me :)

Dan McGarry dmcgarry at moodindigo.com
Fri Jan 28 02:54:54 EST 2000

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Subject: [techtalk] A favour? (off topic, but forgive me :)

> Hi all.
> As some of you know, LinuxChix is one of the two Open Source-related
> projects I coordinate.  The other is the Open Source Writers Group. 
> I've been working on a new OSWG website, and it has just recently gone
> into the beta testing phase.
> I would appreciate it if the folks on these lists could go take a look
> at it -- just go explore the site for a while.  I'd like to generate a
> reasonable amount of traffic on it so I can see how it performs under a
> heavier load.

I could sic a crawler on it, if you like.... 

<evil grin>

Dan McGarry

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