[techtalk] LinuxPPC

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Thu Jan 27 23:20:25 EST 2000

AccordionNerdGrl at aol.com wrote:
> Has anyone used this distribution? What do y'all think of it? I may be
> getting an i-book soon (my job will supply with money for a very cheap
> computer (as in, sub-2000$), so it makes no sense to plunk it down on a
> desktop not as good as my current one;), and i was just wondering a) if
> LinuxPPC runs on it and b) if LinuxPPC is any good.;) alrite. so
> there.:)--kathleen

I admit that I have not made a LinuxPPC install yet, but we have
partitioned our powerbook g3 for doing such. It's the typical redhat
installer and uses rpms for packaging.

Have a friend in the campus LUG that uses it, likes it very much so. Not
sure on his hardware. I have two friends who have iBooks and seem to
like them very much so :o)

I would suggest comp.linux.powerpc to search for questions/problems with
the iBook+linuxPPC as well as just plain ol' linux on the PowerPC in

>From what I have seen of it it's not much different than an i386 distro
(similar to other RH-based distros) and the iBook is (IMHO) the best
laptop you can get for that kind of price. Of course, this comes from a
long time Mac+unix user who was introduced to windows PCs quite a bit
later, so I may be biased in that right ;o)

You may wish to check out yellowdog linux, from what I've seen it has
great documentation (www.yellowdoglinux.com) but I'm not sure about the
distro itself.


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