[techtalk] X emulator for X?

moebius at ip-solutions.net moebius at ip-solutions.net
Thu Jan 27 15:15:07 EST 2000

Quoting Nils Philippsen 
<nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de>:
> No, color depth can only be run side-by-side on 
different virtual
> terminals, e.g. 32bpp on tty7/:0 and 8bpp on tty8/:1
> Nils
> --
>  Nils Philippsen / Berliner Straße 39 / D-71229 
   That's what I get for posting to a thread I had not 
fully followed. Sorry everyone. I posted for running 
different color depths on the same virtual terminal.
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