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Jenn V. jenn at simegen.com
Fri Jan 28 06:18:14 EST 2000

moebius at ip-solutions.net wrote:
> Hey All,
>   I have gotten some response over this question before
> but nothing I seem to do corrects it. I am connected
> via 1 IP. My network, of which includes a mail server,
> sits behind a MASQ'd router. The name of the mail server
> is pony.ip-solutions.net. When I send mail I have
> sendmail.cf setup to masq as ip-solutions.net. However
> in the headers of any message sent it show
> from(moebius at pony.ip-solutions.net). This gets my mail
> bounced back with messages about needing to be a real
> domain. IE -> it can't find pony. Does anyone know if I
> am missing something here??.

Set up your gateway as an MX host for pony.ip-solutions.net.
That should get mail for pony sent to your gateway, which 
itself should know where pony is.

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