[techtalk] .iso format

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Wed Jan 26 17:35:33 EST 2000

You could download the ISO to your hard drive, mount it as an ISO
filesystem and write the updates to it before you burn it to CD.

man mount says: 
The standard form of the mount command, is
         mount -t type device dir

<lots o snip>

 -w   Mount the  file  system  read/write.  This  is  the
      default. A synonym is -o rw.

<lots o snip> more on -t:
The  type  iso9660 is the default.  If no -t option
is given, or if the auto  type  is  specified,  the
superblock   is  probed  for  the  filesystem  type.

I'm imagining
mount -t iso9660 /redhat/iso/location /mnt/rh-iso 
would be peachy... might not even need the -t iso9660 (I never use a -t)

I have never mounted local stuffs in such a fashion, maybe I'm missing
something. :o)

I'm not sure about making the CD bootable, for that I'd go to that CD 
burning howto that popped up just before this reply.

> Hey All,
>   I was wondering if anyone has any info about the iso 
> images (such as RedHat ftp site). I want to build a RH 
> distro that already includes security and bugfixes. I am 
> under the impression that the .iso images copies onto 
> the CD which also make it bootable. Anybody??

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