[techtalk] X emulator for X?

moebius at ip-solutions.net moebius at ip-solutions.net
Wed Jan 26 11:33:39 EST 2000

Hey Marie,
  Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish this is to use 
one of the pre-existing tools 
(XConfigurator,xf86config). Within these tools you can 
specify resolutions and color depths. You can choose 
your default color depth/resolution as defined by X 
-probeonly or you can choose to set you own. If you 
choose to set your own then you can define the color 
depth and resolution and when the XF86Config is written 
to disk you can startx and then cycle thru. If anyone 
would like I can certainly write a howto on this. Please 
let me know if there is any interest in this.

Quoting Marie Fischer <fmarie at eau.ee>:

> On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 moebius at ip-solutions.net wrote:
> > It is possible to run many different resolutions and
> > color depths on an X server. If they are all setup 
> > the key sequence [ctrl+alt+"+"] will bring higher
> > resolutions and the "-" sign will bring lower
> > resolutions.
> color depths too? Until now I thought you can change 
the resolution but
> not the color depth ... maybe you can explain how to 
do it?

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