[techtalk] Really weird computer troubles

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Tue Jan 25 17:57:55 EST 2000

On Jan 25, Laurel Fan conjectured:

> Excerpts from linuxchix: 24-Jan-100 Re: [techtalk] Really weird.. by
> Lighthouse t. D. Sun at one 
> > The problem lies somewhere between eth0 (my computer) and eth1 (the mac 4
> > feet away).  They don't want to talk to each other.  Silly machines.
> Do they know what they are (have the correct ips for themselves and the
> other silly machine) and how to get there (appropriate route set up)?

In theory, yes.  The rc.local and rc.firewall files are the same ones we
used before the hack.  So they should work, in theory.  All I can think of
at this point is that there's something else set up wrong somewhere else.
I am pretty sure that I installed the package to talk to macs.  Would that
make a difference?  I can check and see if I did, if that would matter.  I
don't know why I wouldn't have, since I knew I was going to be talking to
the Mac.


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