[techtalk] RH6.0 2eth cards

moebius at ip-solutions.net moebius at ip-solutions.net
Tue Jan 25 16:20:54 EST 2000

Hey Wendy,
   No problem, when the light bulb goes out if you check 
the fuse box first you might be jumping the gun ;)
Quoting Wendy_Winslow at 3com.com:
> Forgive me for asking the *basic* questions, but where 
did you put 3c509.o?
Yes, the modules are located in the correct directory
> /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/net?  Also, do you have 
the interfaces
> configured
> on boot-up?  What happens when you take the aliases 
The interfaces are configured to go up upon entering 
runlvl 3. If I talk the aliases out then I will get the 
standard RH [FAILED] instead of [OK].
>Can you compile
> the
> drivers into the kernel, or do you have to use 
The only reason that I want to use modules is that I 
don't want to recompile the kernel. It's a 486 box with 
16M (router). I re-compiled the kernel to strip most on 
the unnecessary things out when I was done loading RH. 
It took quite a bit of time in doing so. I will if 
absolutely neccessary though.
I know it's not the card (well supported, I own 3 
others, and have swapped them back and forth.). The 
thing that's driving me nuts is not being able to figure 
out what the heck is going on here. 
> Let me know how it goes....
> wendy

 I know that someone from RH is active on the list and 
was wondering is she (Cynthia?) might have any insight. 
I've checked their pages and can't find anything.
Thanks again everyone,
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