[techtalk] RH6.0 2eth cards

Wendy_Winslow at 3com.com Wendy_Winslow at 3com.com
Tue Jan 25 10:58:15 EST 2000

What does dmesg say?  And you said having....

alias eth0 hp-plus
alias eth1 3c509

...in /etc/conf.modules fails to brings up both interfaces nicely?


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Hey All,
   I'm having a problem with RH6.0 and was wondering if
anyone could help me. I have 2 ethernet cards, the
first eth0 uses module (3c509), the second eth1 uses
module (hp-plus) which has a dependence on (8390). My
conf.modules is set up like so:
alias eth0 3c509
alias eth1 hp-plus
Upon execution of runlvl 3 it skips pass the 3c509 and
loads the hp-plus as eth0. Then during eth1
initialization it fails. Typing lsmod show that the hp
card has loaded successfully but not the 3com. If I do
a lsmod 3c509 it loads immediately as eth1. I have
tried swapping the entries around in /etc/conf.modules
to no luck.
  Also, to compound this some times when switching
runlvl's from 3 to 1 to 3 the cards will occasionally
load up properly. I can't figure out what the heck is
going on here.
   Sorry this message is so lengthy I wanted to be as
detailed as possible. Thanks everyone.
Kind Regards,

Harry Hoffman
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Restaurants Unlimited Inc.
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