[techtalk] Speaking of wierd computer problems

Brian Engle bengle at fti-net.com
Tue Jan 25 11:11:29 EST 2000

I've been having some odd problems with my keyboard lately. It used to be,
when I typed a long string of characters on the command line, or in a text
file, and held the backspace key down or an arrow key, it would backspace
until I took my finger off of the key. Saturday morning I came down to find
my computer turned off, I can only assume my son (8 months old) had
inadvertently flipped the power switch, along with whatever non-obvious
things have happened. Now when I hold the backspace key down, it erases the
character behind the cursor and stops. To delete a whole line, I have to
press the backspace key for every character. same for the arrow keys. I
haven't done a whole lot of testing, I don't know if it works similary for
other characters. The computer dual boots windows, but I haven't booted into
windows since this occured, so I don't know if it does the same in windows.
So am I missing something really easy? Is it something as simple as a switch
on the keyboard, or a BIOS setting, or is it some config file in linux that
has been corrupted or altered? It's not really detrimental to the computer,
mostly just an inconvenience, especially when I have to backspace an entire
command line option, or want to hold pagedn to get to the bottom of a long
text file. Oh, if it matters, the box is running RH 6.1, just wondering if
anyone else had seen this problem before or knew off the top of their head
how to fix it.


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