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Actually, if you are using kppp, you don't need to touch /etc/resolv.conf, but
rather enter the primary (and any secondary) DNS server IP address(es) in the
TCP/IP settings in kppp.  In any case, she'll need that info, and all her other
basic configuration info, from the ISP.  It's all graphical, easy, and
frighteningly Windows-like.


> I believe that what you need to do is find out the IP address for
> the name server from your ISP, and add that to the
> /etc/resolv.conf file.  That's what I do on a different distribution
> (redhat).
> My dialing script for each place where I connect (work or ISP)
> copies a different file over /etc/resolv.conf, because I like to
> use a different DNS server at each place.
> - Esther
> Mon, 24 Jan 2000 SallyCalich at aol.com wrote:
> >
> > I'm a linux newbie and have been lurking on this list for a little while.
> > Hope I don't sound too ignorant.
> > I have installed and been running Caldera's Open Linux 2.3.
> > It's been quite the learning experience, but I've managed to get to the point
> > where I'd like to use the Netscape browser.
> > I connect successfully to my ISP using kppp but whenever I try to do anything
> > with Netscape I can't get a name resolution.
> >
> > >Here's the error message:
> > >--- Warning: the following hosts are unknown:
> > > home.netscape.com
> > >home6.netscape.com internic.net
> > >This means that some or all hosts will be unreachable.
> > > Perhaps there is a problem with your name server?
> > >If your site must use a non-root name server, you will need to set the
> > $SOCKS_NS >environment variable to point at the appropriate name server.
> > >It may (or may not) be necessary to set this variable, or the SOCKS host
> > >preference, to the IP address of the host in question rather than its name
> >
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