[techtalk] Really weird computer troubles

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Mon Jan 24 14:05:26 EST 2000

Okay.  So, as some of you may already know, my system was hacked a week or
two before Christmas.  So I backed up the important data (minus one dialup
script, but that's a problem I'll get to shortly.) and put a tarball of it
on Ben's Mac.  I figured I'd deal with it when we got back from vacation,
seeing as it was close to time for us to head out of state for 3 weeks.
So I got back and wanted to set it up again.  I'd already reinstalled
(clean reinstall; reformat and everything.  :P) RedHat 6.  So I put the 2
files I needed (rc.local and rc.firewall) on my computer from floppy.  I
rebooted, and the IP masquerading still didn't come up.  Actually, it did
come up fine.  However, there is a noticable lack of communication from my
computer to ben's.  According to a friend, who kindly looked at all sorts
of output data for me, everything looks like it's happy, on both ends.  So
where the problem lies is beyond me.  More details can be furnished, if
one so desires.

Then there's the dialing problem.  This problem lies within chat/pppd.  I
can't get the modem to initialize using pppd/chat.  But kppp works fine.
I used the kppp init string in the dialing script, and it doesn't do
anything.  Actually, it does.  It starts the script, then hangs at
initializing the modem.  I used this script once, and it worked (mostly.
That time it got confused waiting for the command line on the other end.)
But it initialized the modem.  Now it just sits there, hangin until I kill
the process.  And kppp uses the same string to initialize it, and it's

Any ideas?  I think i'm going to go insane soon.


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