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Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
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Laurel Fan wrote:

> Excerpts from linuxchix: 23-Jan-100 [techtalk] MP3's and my laptopTerri
> Oda at ottawa.com (970*) by
> > My thought was that it had to
> > do with the decryption algorithm used in these varying players, but I
> > really don't have any way of knowing... And, of course, is there
> > anything I can do to make things work correctly in any player?
> mp3's are compressed (not encrypted), and wavs are not. Therefore, it
> takes cpu to uncompress them.  That might be your problem.  However,
> I've been able to play mp3s (barely) on a 486 with 36M of RAM.  Celerons
> do suck, but I certainly hope they can outperform a 486...
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I agree. Now mind you I am setting here with a Gateway 450 with a Pentium P
III. I gave in and go to the full blown real player 7 Plus. So far Real
Player from the free version to the pay version has behaved the best of the
players in my version. Regards to Napster, and it's being "put to bed"
because it eats bandwith, well so far it has been so far the only thing that
has found some of the obscure MUSIC that I like to listen too. And yes
indeed Napster is compressed, but ask any cryptographer, and compression is
not far from cryptography.  In fact it could be argued that compression is
merely cryptography is rather easy to break.

So having tested them I really like Real Player version any.  Napster finds
what I want, and if you, like me are into rather obscure music, you quickly
realize that of all publication media, music is the one of the hardest to
find especially when finding non-super-popular music done in the past (read
5 to 10 years). But watching things going on in the system, Napster does hog
resources.In fact if I watch memory, free memory, and processor cycles are
eaten at a rapid rate. I get very close to running out of of 128Meg of
Memory and almost all processor cycles get used quickly.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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