[techtalk] MP3's and my laptop

J B griffin2020 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 24 01:19:18 EST 2000

Why do you say Celerons suck?  In side by side comparisons, the end user can 
only tell a difference between Celeron and Pentium II/III machines in FPU 
intensive applications.  And even then, the difference is not extreme.  MP3 
decoding is more dependent on the decoder you use than it is in your 
processor.  And, of course, if you are trying to do multiple thigs at the 
same time, then you will notice the machine bogging with even the fastest 

>mp3's are compressed (not encrypted), and wavs are not. Therefore, it
>takes cpu to uncompress them.  That might be your problem.  However,
>I've been able to play mp3s (barely) on a 486 with 36M of RAM.  >Celerons 
>do suck, but I certainly hope they can outperform a 486...

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