[techtalk] ipchains logs and nmap audit (fwd)

Beverly Guillermo mezanin at home.com
Sun Jan 23 01:37:02 EST 2000

I was looking at the ipchains manpage and I got this about the option that
you're using.

       -l, --log
              Turn  on  kernel logging of matching packets.  When
              this option is set for a  rule,  the  Linux  kernel
              will print some information of all matching packets
              (like most IP header fields) via printk().

What exactly is printk()?  I haven't found any information about that
particular function.


On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Subba Rao wrote:

> I have several ipchain rules. One of them is:
> ipchains -A input -i ppp0 -p TCP --destination-port 21 -l -j DENY
> Why are these ipchains not doing any logging?  I do have the -l option
> invoked for logging. The packet is supposed to be denied at the IP level
> and then logged into syslog. When I try to connect from another address to
> the IP address of the ppp0 interface, nothing gets logged. Instead, the tcplogd daemon
> captures it into the log. tcplogd is an application level filter and not at IP level.
> Why is this ipchains rule (and others) not getting logged?
> The kernel is 2.2.14.
> None of the connections to the services are getting logged by ipchains filters.
> I have used nmap on the ppp0 interface and yet it is not getting logged.
> How are you auditing your services on the ppp0 interface? What options in ipchains
> are you using to do the logging?
> Thank you in advance.
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