[techtalk] ssh setup

Birgit Schmid Birgit.Schmid at ecrc.de
Wed Jan 19 16:20:49 EST 2000

On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 08:37:17AM -0500, Subba Rao wrote:
> I have installed ssh2 on linux. On NT I am using ssh-1.2.14 win32 client.
> When I try to connect to the Linux box with the following command:
> $ ssh my host
> The connection gets dropped and the following messages are entered into
> the syslog.
> Jan 19 08:24:04 myhost sshd[8365]: connection from ""
> Jan 19 08:24:04 myhost sshd[8531]: Remote host disconnected: Connection closed by remote host.
> Jan 19 08:24:04 myhost sshd[8531]: connection lost: 'Connection closed by remote host.'
> Are there any incompatiblities between ssh1 and ssh2, clients and servers? The NT clients
> are putty and TTermPro.
as far as i know, they are not compatible. you have to pay for ssh2, if you want
to use it commercially.


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