[techtalk] Where'd I come from?

Jamie Walker jj.walker at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Jan 18 10:39:20 EST 2000

Linda Walsh wrote:

> I'm trying to autoset the DISPLAY value when I log in remotely.
> Under Sunos, the remote system name was output by the 'who -m' command,
> and under IRIX it was in REMOTEHOST, but I am not readily seeing how
> to handle this in SuSE 6.3.  I thought about trying to pick values
> out of the 'last' command, but it truncates the system name anyway.
> So anyone know a command will display the system I logged in from (empty
> if a local login)?

If you don't already have it, ssh sets $DISPLAY automatically when you
login to a machine with X11 installed (it also forwards the X11 traffic
over its own encrypted channel).

You can find ssh care of freshmeat.net.

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