[techtalk] Monitor Size

Jamie Walker jj.walker at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Jan 14 12:54:07 EST 2000

Linda Walsh wrote:

>     Also -- cables and cable length make a difference -- unshielded long cables
> result
> in bleeding and/or fuzzy character.

Yep - my dad has exactly this. He runs a 21" monitor in 1280x1024 with a
two or three metre extension cable and the picture looks absolutely
_disgusting_. Seriously, my 15" looks better in that resolution. He
insists that the picture is perfect for him and could not be improved in
any way. I have to change the res down to 800x600 before I can stand to
use that screen.

>     And maybe lastly -- make sure your video card and monitor can support 72Hz
> refresh
> rates or above -- 60Hz (except on a flat panel, most of which will only work at
> 60Hz) rates
> often result in noticable flicker and even if not consciously noticable, leads
> to increased eyestrain.

Yep - 85Hz is a good setting for me, if I can do that then I'm happy.
I've never really noticed the difference increasing refresh above this.

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