[techtalk] System CRASH - one solution

Jennifer Tippens jennifer at surfari.com
Thu Jan 13 11:56:11 EST 2000

How about this, though.
It is always the same inode-- When fscking, inode 818763 is always deleted
with zero dtime.  What does this show?
I ran badblocks on /dev/hda1 (where the inode would be) and the system once
again crashed.

Robert B Benson wrote:

> Greetings all,
> With intermittent faults, memory (SIMMs, DIMMS, etc.) is the first place to
> look. Next, large scale chips like the PCI bus manager (device that manages
> all) could be the fault.
> The fault behind the cause is of course HEAT.  Heat sinks and more air
> movement around heat sources could increase life times of systems and even
> monitors (even mine have a fan, power taped off heater voltage).
> One could 'live' with the fault, swap in half the memory bank with new
> devices (testing to find which bank is the fault) or upgrade the system
> board.
> Best of luck, RBBenson
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