[techtalk] LC II and 386

Tarah Hofmann tarah at optimiz.com
Wed Jan 12 18:57:52 EST 2000

Any advice as to which dist I should put on this Mac LC II that I have in my
Older Computer Fun Land (otherwise known as my closet)?

Or my old Compaq 386 (pretentiously upgraded to 486), that is, if I can get
it to boot after my boyfriend took the clock out.  Yep, you heard right, he
wanted to find out why it was in perpetual maintenance mode, so he got out
his clippers and snipped the "do not under any circumstances" protective
black plastic cord, pulled the chip out, put it back in, and tried to boot.
Nothing.  Boy, was I mad, and was he lucky that I have 2 other comps to
worry about! :)  Looking back, though, it was quite humorous!

Ok, forgive my tangents - my boss jokes that I should make and distribute
"Ramble Point" that draws tangents and unrelated side stories to bulleted
lists.  I'm sure Mr. Gates would /love/ to package that with his M$ Office
suite of quality products....

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