[techtalk] RTSP with FWTK

Jennifer Tippens jennifer at surfari.com
Wed Jan 12 17:02:33 EST 2000

I'd really like to be able to proxy RealAudio.  I use the Firewall
Toolkit and I downloaded the Reference implimentation of the RTSP (Real
Time Streaming Protocol) proxy.   It compiled easily and I moved it
where they suggested to move it.  Great.  Now how do I use it?
in netperm-table I have:
rtspd:    permit-hosts 192.168.1.* -exec /usr/local/sbin/rtspd

I have no idea what it should be.  Also I have in my inetd.conf:
rtspd    stream    tcp    nowait    root    /usr/local/sbin/rtspd

And I have no idea what that should be either.  I think I have
completely the wrong idea about how it's supposed to work.  Can anyone

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