[techtalk] man, more or less? :)

Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at snafu.de
Tue Jan 11 22:25:01 EST 2000

On 1/11/00, 10:28:16 PM, Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> [a, b and c snipped]

> I didn't know about the options $MANOPT, $PAGER, and the rest.
> I re-read man man (ahem) and spotted references to
> /etc/man.config.

Thanks for telling me!

I am not able to find this config file nor did I find
a way (at least not in  man man) how to specify it.

Is the possibility of having a configuration file
mentioned in your  man man  content?  I can only
see the  manpath.config  there but no  man.config.

Perhaps my  man  is just too old?  :-D
For me  man -V  produces this:

    man, version 2.3.10, db 2.3.1,
         July 12th, 1995 (G.Wilford at ee.surrey.ac.uk)
         debian version 2.3.10-65,
         (May 15 1998), Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco at debian.org>

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