[techtalk] libraries gtk+ and glib

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Thu Jan 6 09:56:12 EST 2000

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Subject: [techtalk] libraries gtk+ and glib

> Hey guys!
>  I'm new to this list, as i am to linux. Unfortunatly i'm having a problem
> that nobody was able to solve until now, and i expect that u could help
>  Everytime i try to install a rpm (btw, i'm using rh 5.2) it says that
> gtk=>1.2.0 and glib too. Well, i've already downloaded the latest versions
> of those libraries (source rpmd), unpacked, configured and installed them
> according to the manual, and those programs still prompt the same msg!!!!
> I've already tried ldconfig, but didn't work. What should i do?
>   Please, linux gurus, help me!!!! :)
>  Thanks
> Gustavo Sudre
> Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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> gsudre at openlink.com.br
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