[techtalk] TNT/TNT2 drivers / X server

Beverly Guillermo mezanin at home.com
Thu Jan 6 03:29:15 EST 2000

Well, the latest development version of XFree86, I believe 3.9.17, has
updated additions to the drivers for TNT/TNT2.  Here's what I read about

Changes in 3.9.17 include (note the addition of new 3dfx
and nVidia driver code):

    The 3dfx driver is now supported by the DRI.
    Tiny-X for the Itsy has been added.
    Significant font and font server enhancements.
    New driver for ATI Rage 128. The driver is called "r128".
    Xterm enhancements and fixes.
    DPS support hooks have been added.
    DRI enhancements including Mesa update to version 3.2,
       full support and fifo code for 3dfx hardware, and device
       driver updates for Linux 2.3 kernels.
    Add Riva TNT2 M64 support to nv_driver.
    Significant enhancements to Xv.
    Add initial VESA VBE support including initialization and DDC.
    Several PCI enhancements.
    "SilkenMouse" enhancement for smoother mouse movement.
    Add GeForce/Quadro support to the NVIDIA driver.
    Int10 support for Linux.
    Resource allocation infrastructure added.


What version of Xfree are you using?  3.3.5?  Or a development snapshot?

Here's a link to the notes about this snapshot:



On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, coder wrote:
> Right now I am using a SVGA server without incident.  I edited the
> /etc/XF86config file by hand, and manually created the symlink to X.
> This server does not support the hardware 3D acceleration I wish to use
> on my TNT2 via OpenGL though, so I want to get a modified XFree86 server
> that supports the hardware acceleration features of the TNT chipset.
> Riva's site has said that their drivers are in the process of being
> updated (for the last month I might add)  so I am unable to download the
> drivers / patches / rpm or whatever they distribute.
> I have searched around on the net but all pages I have hit so far refer
> me back to the Riva website to download the drivers.
> So, in short, I need the riva drivers, but they are not available.  I
> had hoped someone else might have an Xserver for TNT2 3D acceleration,
> or know where one might be located.  Also, any sticky issues concerning
> configuration of the server or OpenGL with the server would be helpful.

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