[techtalk] Other OSes on a Linux box

T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Tue Jan 4 23:51:20 EST 2000

> Needless to say, I'm not a fan of Dell, whatever Wall Street might think.
> Compaq isn't without issues, but at least we can count on the drives staying
> put, the servers taking up a lot less space, and better support (reseller
> plus manufacturer).  I would like to find something better, or at least
> cheaper, though, which is why I'm asking about rackmount options.  VA's
> products look good, and are less expensive, but I'd be concerned about
> running NT on them, so I was hoping someone may have had some experience
> installing non-Linux on a VA box.

i thought that VA would install whatever OS you requested, including
NT.  at least that's been the case for their workstation-class
machines in the past.  penguin i know avoids anything M$ and leave you 
on your own if you want NT.  

at any rate, machines that are well-supported under linux likely won't 
have any serious probs with NT.  especially servers where you're
mostly concerned with the driver quality for SCSI and/or RAID
controllers.  i don't know of any of those that work under linux, but
not NT.  


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