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We stopped buying Dell servers because their hard drives pop out randomly
(we had two server rooms mostly filled with Dells -- about once a month,
we'd get this beeping sound that meant a RAID controller lost track of a
drive, which was fixed by reseating the drive.).  Also, when we decided to
try and reseat all of the drives, the external drive cages didn't completely
unlock (we had to use a screw driver to hold the locking mechanisms in place
to release all of the drives). Reseating the drives helped, but we still get
a drive that pops out now and again.  Another one of my favorite pet peeves
about Dell is that if you install the max. memory into a server (4200 or
4100, I forget which), you get an error on booting that requires user
intervention (even though there is no problem). There may be a way around
this, but Dell isn't particularly helpful.  I think they could learn a thing
or two about QA.

Plus, their idea of a rackmount server leaves a lot to be desired
(essentially, a rackmount kit for a regular server) -- in the same space we
were able to fit 3 Dell 4200 servers, we can put 14 Compaq 1850R servers
that are comparably configured.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan of Dell, whatever Wall Street might think.
Compaq isn't without issues, but at least we can count on the drives staying
put, the servers taking up a lot less space, and better support (reseller
plus manufacturer).  I would like to find something better, or at least
cheaper, though, which is why I'm asking about rackmount options.  VA's
products look good, and are less expensive, but I'd be concerned about
running NT on them, so I was hoping someone may have had some experience
installing non-Linux on a VA box.

I'm also looking for rackmount workstations, which Compaq doesn't make.
Something like a Cobalt RAQ would be great, if it were Intel-based and used
standard components.


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> > The next question, of course, is: Can anyone recommend any rackmount
> > from companies that support both Linux and NT?  The important things for
> If you want to stick with well known brands then how about Dell? They sell
their low end servers with RedHat and fully support it (well, Linuxcare do
it for them anyway ;-)
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