[techtalk] need database recomendations

Adriana Gonzalez adriana at hq.mycity.com
Mon Jan 3 13:39:15 EST 2000

You might want to take a look at MySQL.  We use it in combination with
the DBI perl module.

It is very fast and can handle very large databases.
The DBI module is clean and easy to use.  It handles several kinds of
databases and most of the basic functionality is the same across all of
them, so you don't have to change your scripts when you change your

Check it at:

Michelle Leonard wrote:
> Working on my first resolution - to get a "real"
> database system running.  Our existing database to
> date consists of bunches of flatfiles and directory
> filesystems.  Access is through perl scripts/html
> pages.  I would like to get a more formal database
> system going (and moved from the old SUN box to new
> linux box) as our volume will soon overrun what we
> have now.  So I'm looking for suggestions as to
> everyones favorite database and access
> programs/protocols etc.  Any pros/cons appreciated.
> TIA!
> Michelle
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