[techtalk] I'm stuck :( ... Corel/Laptop/PCMIA

Robert Kiesling kiesling at mainmatter.com
Mon Feb 28 14:56:53 EST 2000

> i just installed corel linux on my dell laptop and everything went smooth until
> i tried to configure my dial up ... my modem is on com5 on my laptop but there
> is no option for that port in corel linux - it goes to my com4 only ...

> does anyone have any suggestions before i *really* start messing with it?


Windows (supposedly) puts devices on strange interrupts and ports, and
Linux may take a direct route.  So there may not be any relationship
between where windows puts a modem, and Linux puts a modem.  Try each
of the "standard" ports, ttyS0 - ttyS3 ( e.g. com1 - com4 ), and
probably one of them will work, provided the install put in the
correct PCMCIA driver.

And... make sure it's a not a WinModem... there's a web page that
says which modems do and don't work under Linux.  Maybe you're best
bet is to run over to K-mart and pick up an external... that's about
the only way you can be sure, I guess.  Bob


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