[techtalk] Missing "taskbar" in KDE??

Shad Young shad at review-guru.com
Fri Feb 25 18:21:03 EST 2000

The taskbar is called kpanel. It should reside in the same place as the
kde bin's. If you can open kfm you can click "File/Run" and type in
kpanel to launch it. If it is not coming up automatically, you may need
to type in "usekde" at the command line or remove the .kde directory in
your home dir. If both those things fail you may need to reinstall the
base KDE system.


Storm wrote:
> Hi All!
> I partitioned my HD using Partition Magic, and it goofed up my linux
> partition,... I managed to get it up and running,.. by re-inserting the
> Linux install disk and "upgrading".  I have a new problem now though.  When
> I login into the KDE, I get desktop icons, but no "taskbar" (I don't know
> the name of it in the KDE, that's it's name in windoze) I looked all over
> for it, it's not "minimized" to the side(like you can do to get it out of
> the way),.... , and it's not off the screen because of screen resolution.
> it was no where,.... now I don't really know much about Linux yet,
> and I haven't figured out how to navigate very well yet without the help of
> that menu system,.... where did it go?? :) Please tell me it's an easy thing
> to get it back?? I tried refreshing the screen, rebooting,..  Please help.
> And I promise to start learning more about Linux so I can live without the
> bar.  :)
> Thank You all in advance.
> Storm
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