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aprilk aprilk at linuxstart.com
Wed Feb 23 04:45:33 EST 2000

Ok for a network intro, you might try the Network Administrator's guide.
I have a paper version but it is also in html at linuxdoc.org. Some of the other books there might interest you as well. I think O'Reilly is the publisher for the paper versions.


Raven Damask <damask0 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Heya --
>> So, since I appear to be confused, what exactly are
>> you looking for in a Linux book?
>    "Running Linux" is what I keep by my desk.  I have
>nothing against the book at all; it's tremendously
>helpful.  What I'm looking for is something that I can
>teach from in a systematic fashion.  "Read Chapters
>Five and Six for next Monday" sort of thing.  I am
>going to hold one class on how to find the answer when
>you don't know what to do next -- point them at some
>good online resources, and help them learn to diagnose
>and troubleshoot.  But a lot of them are going to need
>a cohesive explanation of how the OS works, where it
>puts things when they're installed, what the
>filesystem's like, etc.  I'm looking for a book that
>will explain that on a basic level.
>     Some of the students in this class don't have
>much of a background beyond dial-up techsup -- and
>they haven't really gotten into why things work, just
>"make sure that TCP/IP is checked in that box" with no
>understanding of what TCP/IP is.  One of the
>challenging things about this class is the wide range
>of backgrounds of my students.  (The head of Tech
>Support, and some of the NOC gurus are in it -- and
>some really new people, too.)  This has the
>possibility to be a great, dynamic environment for
>everyone.  But I don't want to bore my gurus, or drown
>the newbies.
>     I figured that one of the best ways to go about
>this is basic textbook, in-depth labs.  They'll see
>the errors that occur, and why.  I'm going to point
>them at "Running Linux" as a good reference, but I
>need something simple to start from.
>     Hope that's a bit clearer.  Thanks, all, for your
>interest and help.
>Raven Alder
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